About Us

Ibero Logística is a company that carries out its activity in the area of transports operating as a Freight forwarder.Licensed by IMTT – Institute of Mobility and Terrestrial Transportation, I.P (business license 672/2005), it meets and exceeds all legal requirements of the Law Decree nr. 255/99 of July 07, changed by Law 5/2013.
The services we provide in our capacity as a freight forwarder are in accordance with the “General Conditions for the Provision of Services by Forwarding Companies”, approved by APAT – Association of Portuguese Forwarders on October 22, 2000, updated in 2001.

Since responsiveness and presentation of competitive and reliable solutions to our customers’ needs is our big goal, Ibero Logística never neglected the concern for quality, having the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 – NP EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by Lloyd’s Register EMEA on behalf of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited.

We also possess certificate nr. PT AEOS 20120010909, issued by the tax and customs authority, which gives us the Status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

At its offices in Lisbon and Oporto, Ibero Logística is composed of a team of dynamic and dedicated collaborators, in continuous training and whose spirit and mindset is distinctly dedicated to the needs of the customers.

The available work tools, either physical, computational or technological, allow this team to respond quickly, clearly and objectively to current demands.

The pristine and long partnerships it maintains with the majority of those involved, enables us to offer total and flexible solutions, allowing us to present complete, thoughtful, solid and competitive solutions to the customers.

A highly competitive and always evolving market requires a constant observation of the available solutions, an appropriate filtering for every need, availability of human resources and advanced technology, which allow to efficiently meet the desired solutions.

Ibero Logística puts these solutions available to those who trust to us their cargo, which are intended to be capital gains, combined with a reliable and true communication.

Customer success is our success.