In Ibero Logística there is a strong mindset of performing a work of excellence, fast and that distinguishes us, thus helping our customers and the customers of our customers to have at their disposal quality solutions.


We always try to be aware of the changes and innovations in the market, find modal advantageous and functional solutions, alert the customers for every detail and do some research in order to anticipate problems and requirements.
The competence we deliver to our service is a big plus for each load.


Two modern offices, in Lisbon and Perafita, equipped with the most advanced computer resources, providing functional and comfortable work conditions, allow us to state that Ibero Logística is a modern company and that these added values are a vector of work enhancement that we put at the disposal of our customers


Dynamic solutions for all situations, make feasible what seems diffcult, know how to guide the customer towards the best solutions, offering advices and suggestions that improve and protect their current situation.
When talking to us the customer knows he is given the truth and the most complete, competitive, reliable and secure solutions.


Ibero Logística is flexible, it is always prepared to find what the customer needs.
The company’s employees are able to respond to customer needs.
The company also offers the most advanced technology to enable a prompt and effective response to customers.
During times of difficulties caused by abnormal factors, we always seek the solution that serves the interests of the cargo.


All the questions that we are asked/addressed by our customers are readily received by our services as urgent and requiring immediate resolution.


Create and correspond with complete and competitive transport solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.


We are the logistics extention of your company.