Dear Customer and Business Partner

Ibero Logistica wishes to alert you to the changes that are planned in the procedures regarding the Emission of EUR 1 Movement Certificates.

According to the Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2447, starting next year (01-01-2018), it will not be possible to issue the EUR 1 Certificates for the majority of Countries as it is being replaced by declarations in the Invoices. The Exporters that are interested must register in Customs to obtain authorization as a Registered Exporter as stated in 2015/2447. Information from the Portuguese customs may be consulted here.

We advise all interested parties to take the necessary precautions to avoid last minute inconveniences (Beware that these registration processes are time-consuming and do not resolve overnight).

Ibero Logistica, as always will be available for all the support and clarification that you consider necessary, through the usual contacts.