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After a long relation with VERTEX we have decided to strengthen our partnership – so we are happy to announce we are able to ship from/to PORTUGAL/IRAN from/to IRAN/PORTUGAL on a regular basis and easier than ever before.

Contact us! We are a professional and dedicated team, with full range of specialization on transport solutions adapted to each specific need. Fully equipped offices with high level of work conditions and vanguard modern software solutions.

Ibero Log, your logistic chain strongest link.
A lot as been done, a lot still to do

Exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Conformity Assessment Programme

A Conformity Assessment Programme has been implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All products require a Certificate of Conformity also referred to as a SASO CoC (link here) to enable them to be cleared through Saudi Customs.

We strongly recommend that all suppliers previously confirm with buyers the need of this certificate that can be issued by accredited entities for the effect.
SASO introduced the electronic platform called ‘SABER’, a one-stop-shop for the conformity requirements for the trade to be able to secure the certificates of conformity, which will allow them to clear their shipments at Saudi customs. SABER can be accessed using this link. In order for the trade to be able to file requests for certification of their products, entities are first required to build up their product information database within SABER, before these products can be initiated for certification as per SASO Technical Regulations and standards. The necessary product information is required to enable the Saudi regulators, through the SABER platform, to monitor the products that will be commercially distributed in the Saudi local market.

Any effective exports without this certificate might have difficulties clearing customs at destination which might cause further problems.p>

As always, Ibero Logística is at your full disposal for any further clarification or assistance needed with the process.


Dear Customer and Business Partner

Ibero Logistica wishes to alert you to the changes that are planned in the procedures regarding the Emission of EUR 1 Movement Certificates.

According to the Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2447, starting next year (01-01-2018), it will not be possible to issue the EUR 1 Certificates for the majority of Countries as it is being replaced by declarations in the Invoices. The Exporters that are interested must register in Customs to obtain authorization as a Registered Exporter as stated in 2015/2447. Information from the Portuguese customs may be consulted here.

We advise all interested parties to take the necessary precautions to avoid last minute inconveniences (Beware that these registration processes are time-consuming and do not resolve overnight).

Ibero Logistica, as always will be available for all the support and clarification that you consider necessary, through the usual contacts.


IBEROLOGflyerfinal(8th)It is with great satisfaction that Ibero Logistica, a company of the Ibero Linhas Group, announces the opening of its own office at Lisbon Airport, believing in this way to be able to respond to the needs of customers, agents and all business partners who need this type of solutions .

With a view to maintaining the standards of service, reliability and accreditation that we believe we have accustomed our clients and regular partners in all the service solutions we provide, this opening is accompanied by an experienced; Motivated and dedicated team, to the needs of freight transport by air.

In this start-up phase, all support and support given to Ibero Logistica, as always is, will be of extra importance and we are very grateful for your trust in us.

We hope this new TAKE OFF, can fly us all to new success.

La carga aérea / TRANSPORTE Aire

Es con gran satisfacción que la Ibero Logística, una empresa de Ibero Líneas Group, reporta la apertura de su propia oficina en el aeropuerto de Lisboa, en la creencia de esta manera puede responder a las necesidades de los clientes, agentes y todos los socios de negocios que necesitan este tipo de soluciones .

Con el fin de mantener los estándares de servicio, la fiabilidad y la acreditación de que creemos que hemos acostumbrado a nuestros clientes y socios regulares en todas las soluciones de servicio que ofrecemos, esta abertura está acompañado por un equipo experimentado; motivado y dedicado a las necesidades de transporte de carga por aire.

En esta etapa inicial, todo el apoyo y el apoyo que se le dará Ibero Logistica, ya que siempre lo tiene, tendrán una importancia extra y ya que estamos muy agradecidos por creer en nosotros.

TAKE OFF con nosotros.

Holidays in 2017

1 de January
New Year’s Day (Sunday)
14 de February Valentine’s Day (Tuesday)
28 de February Carnival (Tuesday)
14 de April Good Friday (Friday)
16 de April Easter (Sunday)
25 de April Freedom Day (Tuesday)
1 de May Labor Day (Monday)
10 de June Portugal Day (Saturday)
15 de June Corpus Christi (Thursday)
15 de August Assumption of Mary (Tuesday)
5 de October Republic Implantation (Thursday)
1 de November All Saints’ Day (Wednesday)
1 de December Restoration of Independence (Friday)
8 de December Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Friday)
25 de December Christmas Day (Monday)


Indonesia’s Logistics Market Could Double or Triple in 2019

Indonesia’s logistics market may double or even triple in size by 2019 on the back of government funding for transport and infrastructure investment, according to a UK-based global logistics research firm.

Transport Intelligence recently published its findings that the country’s shipping market would grow by up to 14.7 percent annually until 2019.

Contract logistic, which includes outsourced supply chains, warehousing, inventory and distribution, could also increase by the same amount annually over the period.

The combined domestic and international express logistic market could be worth 9.2 billion Euro by 2019 from 2.9 billion Euro now.

Indonesia’s low land and labor costs, huge domestic market and easy access to neighboring Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) markets could make it a highly attractive location for manufacturers seeking alternatives to China in the near future.



Congestion Update

Please see below the updates on the current situation at the LA/LB ports.

Photographer Mike Kelley brings things into perspective for us all. You can view and comment the full article on his website.

“February 10, 2015

Aerial photography of the labor dispute at the Port of LA and Long Beach

As anyone who follows my work knows, I’m fascinated by industry and infrastructure. For the past few weeks, a labor dispute has been unfolding at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. After flying over the area while coming in to land at LAX, I saw all of these giant container ships anchored offshore and instantly knew that I had to photograph it.

The next day I called my pilot and said ‘when is the soonest we can go up?!’ Less than 24 hours later we were in the air. It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had doing aerial photography – being that far out at sea, with the huge swells underneath you, and these massive, massive container ships everywhere was like living a scene out of Walter Mitty’s life.

Cargo ships have been backed up for weeks on end at the ports of LA and Long Beach amid a labor dispute.


The size of these ships blows the mind; many of them are over a thousand feet long.


We photographed them from anywhere between 200 and 5,500 feet, and even at this height the enormous size was something else entirely.


The haze and setting sun created an ethereal mood to all of the pictures.


Cargoes from around the world are backed up right now.



I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this, even rush hour at the 405 doesn’t look so bad.

09_drift5Colorful and massive, this ship is over 1000 feet from end to end.


From this angle, the scale and size of the city and ships becomes quickly apparent”

Ibero Logística is at the customers’ side to help finding the best possible solutions to turn this critical moment around.

Ghana Waiver

The Ghana Shipping Authorities has decided to implement ASHI: Advanced Shipment Information, as from 1st of March 2015 (BL date).

The ASHI is an electronic platform by which pre-arrival cargo information is received in advance for planning and for the commencement of the pre-clearance process.

The shipper/forwarder needs to register on a web portal ( and all relevant business information have to be scanned and attached before submission of the application form through the web portal.

The ASHI is a pre-requisite for clearing of goods at the port. Hence clearing agents must ensure that their shipper/forwarder provide them with the ASHI details.

An ASHI is to be created for each BL. Tariffs per BL from any port worldwide is as follows:


The original document with the annoucement can be found below: